Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Greenfest 2009 - June 26/27 - Tulsa

Tulsa GREENFEST 2009 looks interesting … especially the kidzone (thinking Girl Scouts) … and see for complete information.


Sunday, June 7, 2009


Ditty bags are great for carrying toiletries. Here is one to make out of a plastic jug.




a.. Plastic gallon bleach jug, cut off top where it begins to curve in toward spout.

b.. Length of 10 inch wide fabric, cotton/poly is good - enough to go around circumference of jug, plus seam allowance.

c.. Twice length of sturdy cording, circumference of jug, plus a foot or so.




a.. Using a paper punch, make holes around top (the cut off end) of jug. spaced about 1/2 inch apart.

b.. Sew both short ends of fabric together to make a cylinder

c.. Fold a hem bottom of fabric, and using cord threaded in large size needle, attach fabric to jug.

d.. Fold & sew a hem top of fabric wide - leaving a 1 inch space open

e.. Run cord thru top hem so the top can be pulled shut

f.. Tie the cord ends in a square knot (reef knot).


Besides recycling the plastic jug, this is an easy "craft" or gadget for even Girl Scout Brownies to do. And the plastic is great on wet sink counters, and even from protecting other things in the girl's pack if something spills. If your bathrooms have hooks for towels the ditty bag can be hung on the hook too.