Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Festival Earth - April 25, 2009

Festival Earth

What is Festival Earth?

A festival created to highlight local environmental and sustainability issues; a resource for Tulsans who want to change behavior by adopting a more sustainable lifestyle and a means to encourage people to have a long-term involvement with their environment Festival Earth invites you to become part of the ever-expanding green marketplace! This is an exceptional opportunity for your products and services to be embraced by individuals seeking out Tulsa's green alternatives. Help us give them the tools to enjoy a healthier way of life... please join us in hosting this 'party for a purpose' to further Tulsa's efforts in responsible economic growth and environmental stewardship.

Location: Centennial Park at 6th & Peoria

Date/Time: Saturday, April 25, 12-5pm

How can you participate?

Farmers/Growers... you are invited to participate in our Farmer's Market at no cost to you!

Businesses... you are invited to setup a booth along 'Green Street' for $200!

Non-Profit Organizations... you are invited to setup a booth along 'Green Street' for $100!

How do you register?
By contacting Kelly Fiddner, Event Manager, at 918.496.9336 or kfiddner@rendabroadcasting.com.


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