Saturday, February 7, 2009

Me and My Water Usage


  • One roll of pennies
  • One empty glass or coffee cup

Each Girl Scouts must monitor her own or her families water usage for one day. Give each Girl Scout a roll of pennies and ask her to put an empty cup beside the most used faucet at home. Each time water is used the designated amount of pennies must be put in the cup:

  • Hand washing = 2 pennies
  • Tooth brushing = 3 pennies
  • Drink one small glass of water = 1 penny
  • Drink one small glass of water with (3) ice cubes = 4 pennies
  • One toilet flush = 10 pennies
  • Shower = 25 pennies
  • Bath = 15 pennies
  • One load of laundry = 50 pennies
  • Water your pet(s) = 5 pennies (for every 2 small animals)

De-briefing Questions/Points:

  1. Where did you use most of your pennies?
  2. What surprised you the most?
  3. What used the least amount of water?
  4. How can you use less water?
  5. How many pennies did you use in one day? Was it you or your whole family?

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