Saturday, February 7, 2009

Deck the Halls with ... Greener Holidays!

· Use cereal boxes or shoe boxes instead of purchasing new ones

· Make homemade ornaments using last year’s wrapping paper scraps for your Christmas tree

· String popcorn instead of tinsel or fake snow

· Send an e-card or make a phone call instead of buying cards

· Try reusable plates or break out the fine china instead of disposable tableware

· Buy used gifts like books or DVDs

· Make centerpieces or home decor from pine cones or other natural greenery

· Send leftovers home with friends or family rather than tossing them in the trash

· Save money AND be creative by making your own gifts:

o Turn vegetable cans into candle holders

o Revamp an old picture frame and add personal photos

o Use glass bottles for vases, hand soap or homemade goods like salad dressing or oil

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