Friday, August 8, 2008

Green Team Blog ...

Everyone on the Green Team has received an invitation to the “Green Team” blog. This is a place where you can share the resources you find or knowledge you stumble upon … maybe like 8 sheets of toilet tissue? Ask Celeste about that one!

You can visit the blog right now at: (I took the liberty of posting a couple of things I could easily find in my mail box. Amy, you may want to post more from the content you have put in letters to everyone.)

It’s easy to post your information. Just send an email to But to make it even easier, I have created a contact file and attached it to this email. If you save this to your contacts, you won’t have to remember the email address! To show you how easy this is, I am sending this email to the blog as well … you’ll be able to see just how your information will appear when you blog this way.

Happy Green Blogging!

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