Friday, August 8, 2008

Catalog Canceling Challenge

You’ve been waiting for it, Now HERE IT IS!!!

The Catalog Canceling Challenge has begun.

It is pretty simple and can have quite the impact!

Dates for the challenge are August 1 – 31, 2008. All catalogs must be turned in by September 1, 10AM. The winner will be announced September 1st.

1) Start saving any unwanted sales catalogs you get in the mail (separate out the ones you wish to continue to receive). Or ask your neighbors for their unwanted catalogs to be cancelled (with their permission).

2) Cancel the catalogs in one of two ways: first, by calling the catalog companies using the script we have provided below, OR second, by going online to and inputting which catalogs you wish to cancel. (It takes about 40 seconds to sign up for free and then you can input away!)

3) Make a pile of all the catalogs you cancelled, tear off the front cover and bring them in to any member of the green team where they will be piled and counted towards your department’s total number of catalogs cancelled. The winning department will be the one with the highest average number of cancelled catalogs per person.

Sample script:

You: Hi, my name is __________ and I am calling to cancel my subscription to your catalog.

The representative will ask you to look on the back of the catalog and provide the subscriber/customer number (they will tell where to look) and/or the name on the catalog. If they ask why your family wishes to cancel the catalog, you could say you are doing it to reduce the number of trees cut down for wasted catalogues.

You: Thank you so much. (Pat self on back. Pick up phone and call another.)

*Each year 19 billion catalogs are mailed to American consumers. 95% of them are unwanted. A majority are never opened. 53 million trees (2,000 Central Parks) are used making these catalogs. This 7.2 billion pounds of paper requires 38 trillion BTUs to produce (enough energy to power 1.2 million homes a year). The annual contribution to global warming pollution is 10.4 billion pounds of carbon dioxide (equivalent to the emissions of 2 million cars). 53 billion gallons of water are used in this process (81,000 Olympic
sized swimming pools).

Green Team members include:
Amy, Betty, Celeste, Dawn, Debra, Ginger, Gloria, Ingrid, Jackie, Janine, Joann, Kami, Kathy, Lacie, Leslie, Tamela

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